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Renting through McField Residential

Being a Tenant is a great lifestyle choice that offers you flexibility when you need it the most.  We can offer you a full range of services to help you at every stage of your tenancy.  

Whether you are looking for a city centre flat, or detached home, we have properties available to rent to fit your needs and we can help you find your next move.

We help tenants to find their perfect property, providing all of the rental services you will need when moving home.  Not only will we proactively search for your next home based on your requirements, we will accompany you on viewings to make sure that we find the right property for you.

  • All properties comply with safety legislation
  • Tenancy deposits held in dedicated client account
  • Proactive home search
  • Inventory management if applicable

To make sure that you are protected for every eventuality, we can also put you in touch with a Financial Advisor who can help you with insurance that includes a range of options specific to your current situation.

We recommend that you consider having contents insurance to not only protect your belongings but also your deposit.  If you have an accident which causes damage to the landlord’s carpet, for example, contents insurance including accidental damage will enable you to claim for damage and protect any claim on your deposit. Contents insurance is also designed to protect you in the event the accommodation you are renting becomes uninhabitable due to unforeseen circumstances such as flood or fire.  The landlord or Agent is not responsible for re housing you under such circumstances, however we will do our best to assist you.

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We treat your privacy seriously. We will never sell your information. We will never pass your information on to third parties without your consent, or use it for any reason other than those you allow.
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